You’re Doing It Wrong!

This month’s post features our dearest Cara! She is the manager at Lou & Company and has been a stylist since 2002. While Cara enjoys all color and cut services, her favorites are color corrections, creative color placement and haircutting. Spring time has officially hit and because we all want to look our very best this summer, Cara has given her tips and tricks for her go to product for the season: Aveda’s Phomollient!

Phomollient is a styling foam full of organic plant essences like peppermint, ylang ylang, and bergamot. While Aveda’s products are wonderfully and economically crafted, those of us who aren’t hard core hair enthusiasts can get lost in all the “extra” or even intimidated by thinking of adding more steps to our daily hair care routines. Cara is heaven sent as she has deconstructed the uses for this month’s star product!

“So my favorite Aveda products is Phomollient because it is effective and you don’t feel anything in your hair! As an added bonus it makes the hair super shiny.”

So how exactly can you achieve weightless body at home? At what point does this product come into play? As a Salon Coordinator I have overheard our stylists giving the 401 to their clients about the best products for their hair. One common conversation I hear is that our clients are using their styling products all wrong! Here is Cara’s advice for using Phomollient for maximum benefit,

“A tip for using this product is to pump some directly onto your hair brush and brush it into your hair, that way it is being evenly distributed from root to ends.”

The suggested amount is about 2-3 pumps and while many liquid products may settle in their bottles and majority of mousse-like products ask you to shake them to mix up the ingredients, it is advised NOT to do so with this specific product!

Lastly, Phomollient is not going to be for everyone. If you have used this product and followed these directions but did not receive the desired results it may be that this product is not for you hair type.

“While nearly every hair type can use this product it is best suited for people with fine or limp hair that want weightless body.”

Give phomollient another go for a light, shiny, bouncy look this summer!

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