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Our prices vary to accommodate a variety of guests. Because each of our stylists has completed Aveda’s extensive training program, regardless of the stylist you choose, you can be confident  you will receive incredibly high, quality services.

Meet Our Team

Lou and Co Stylist

Jennifer Dayo (Lou)

Founder, Stylist
It is with great enthusiasm and passion that Jennifer Dayo approaches her industry and Aveda. She has been with Aveda since 1996 and started doing hair shortly after. Jennifer’s specialty is leading her team – especially coaching people and watching them thrive. She loves all aspects of the hair industry and strives to continuously hone her skills. She has spent many years as a technician, and now, she is loving her journey as an entrepreneur.  Jennifer believes in a collaborative approach with her team and strives to create the best quality of service and experience for all her guests.

Lou and Co Stylist


Stylist / Manager
Cara loves being a part of the Lou & Co family, as both stylist and manager. She has been in the salon industry since 2002 and grows increasingly more passionate about the world of Aveda. While Cara enjoys all color and cut services, her favorites are color corrections, creative color placement and haircutting. Cara says joining Lou & Co was the BEST decision she made for her career. she invites you to experience Lou & Co, so you can see why we’re the best!

Lou and Co Stylist


Stylist Sara has been doing hair for 2 years and joined the Lou & Co family in November 2018. She has a passion for all things hair but thrives with blondes and experimenting with fashion colors. Sara truly loves everything about Aveda, and hopes you will too!
Lou and Co Stylist


Stylist Rae started her career in 2017, with a passion for natural product and creative looks, holding a strong knowledge of color theory and razor cuts, Rae is always excited to help push you out of your box. Drawing inspiration from the era of Stevie Nicks, Rae loves to create shags, balayages and vivids all while creating a relaxing atmosphere.
Lou and Co Salon


Salon Coordinator Victoria joined the Lou & Co team as the Salon Coordinator in August 2016, she then moved into her position as the Downtown Manger in July of 2018. Her favorite part about her position is not only getting to build relationships with all the clients, but being able to make a difference in their day by simply making them smile or helping them with questions they may have. She wants to make sure that every person that walks through our doors is not only satisfied with their service, but that they are truly happy and felt at home.
Lou and Co Stylist


Stylist Ashlyn has been working in the world of hair and beauty since January of 2018. Her passion for braiding hair and doing makeup has caused her to focus on event makeup and hair for things such as weddings, and prom. She enjoys nature and finds such peace in grounding herself to the earth. She loves Aveda because she feels like she can bring beauty and wellness into her community as well as incorporating focus on giving back to the world we live in.
Lou and Co Stylist


Payton loves being a part of the Lou and Company team! she has been with Aveda for years before attending cosmetology school with a different brand, but she loves the Aurvedic culture so much she found her way back into the life of Aveda! Her favorite thing about this industry is making people smile and feel comfortable in their own skin. Color is her favorite service to preform, whether its a blonding service, color correction, you name it, she LOVES it! she has been doing hair for 2 years professionally but has always loved playing in hair and makeup and has known she wanted to do this since she was 13. Let her make your hair dreams come true!

Lou and Co Ethnitician


Massage Therapist / Esthetician Kalea and Lou & Co joined forces in 2018 when the downtown location opened; adding a Spa for the first time. She has been with Aveda for 10 years and is alway eager to learn more. Kalea is passionate in all aspects of the Spa, from deep tissue massages, relaxing facials to face and body waxing. She strives to promote the Aveda lifestyle of wellness and beauty to all guest every time they walk in.
Lou and Co Stylist


Salon Coordinator

Anna has been with Lou and Company since June of 2018 as one of our salon coordinators. She loves being one of the first faces our guest see and being able to usher them into a warm and relaxing environment before their services begin. Anna is in charge of coordinating all wedding parties for Lou and Company. She loves being able to guide our brides through what could be a stressful time and make it an enjoyable experience. Anna is currently going to Cosmetology school to be able to one day join our Aveda family as a stylist here at Lou and Company!

Lou and Co Stylist


Tori joined the Lou and Company team December of 2016 after attending the Aveda Institute in Des Moines. Her favorite thing about working with Aveda is that they are cruelty free and that they are working their way towards being vegan. Out of all the services Tori loves to perform, balayage is one of her favorites. She strives to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone who sits in her chair!



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Lou and Co Hair Salon Lawrence KS


Salon Coordinator
Miranda joined the Lou & Co team in February of 2019 as a Salon Coordinator. She fell in love with the hair industry and wanted to grow in it before attending cosmetology school at Z Hair Academy in September of 2019. She enjoys being a salon coordinator because she feels involved in the business. She embraces the chance to provide support for both the stylists and the customers. Miranda loves to smile and does whatever she can to make you feel valued. She can’t wait to meet you!

Lou and co


She has been a passionate stylist since 2007 and was beyond excited to further her career by joining the Lou and Co. Team in 2018. Although she is well versed in all aspects of her career It is her focus to make all guests feel welcome/comfortable and happy with each and every service.

At Lou and Co we make it easy and convenient to reserve a hair cut or treatment with our online reservations. If you prefer, call in and one of our great salon coordinators would be happy to set you up!
We want you to be happy! Our team will gladly listen and respect your wishes. As always feel free to ask us for advice and we will do our best to make your experience relaxing and reviving.
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Lou and Co partners with and uses Aveda® products. Aveda® believes there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability. With packaging plastics derived from plants to all natural ingredients, we are always striving to make our footprint small and acting responsibly.


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