Aveda’s Newest Lip Color Line

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Exciting news! Aveda has re-formulated their popular lippies and we are happy to introduce: Feed My Lips! These lip colors contain wax derived from plants and fruit butters that are truly hydrating with a certified organic peppermint aroma finish. This seems heaven sent for those of us dealing with dry lips during these cold winter months. But how can you be sure you’re getting every benefit from Aveda’s new line for maximum comfort, a flawless look, and lasting wear? Our mini tutorial explains in a few simple steps.

  1. Exfoliate! Use a generous amount of the Renewing Lip Treatment on a spoolie brush to gently remove dead skin. By removing peeling skin on your lips you allow the color pigment to go on smooth and even, the lip treatment then leaves your lips moisturized for the next step! Tip: applying pigment to dry lips can lead to cracking later during wear.




Line! Choose a lip liner of a darker shade than your desired lip color, this will help to create a natural transition from lips to face as well as add dimension for a full pout. Line the outer area of the lips and blend inward, this doesn’t need to be perfect but be sure to smooth out any harsh lines          




Fill! Use your pigment to fill in the central part of your lips, rub them together to blend, and voila! A quick and easy application that will last you throughout the day.



BONUS Apply a Color Glaze on top of your finished look for a glossy and sparkly finish perfect for this coming spring!



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